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Although the predictions put forth in David Wolfe's, Serving the Ageless Market, have generally come true and the strategies detailed by Wolfe and Robert Snyder in Ageless Marketing are proven, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, America's businesses, and existing "aging organizations and associations" generally continue to hold on to marketing and advertising paradigms developed in the youth markets of the past.

The Society was founded in 1983 by author, humanist and mature consumer behavior specialist, David B. Wolfe, and visionary marketing consultant and motivational speaker Richard Ambrosius to advance the principles of ageless marketing and embrace an ageless society. This unique, invitation only organization has become a collective of approximately 50 creative experts that cut across industries and represent leading edge theory and practice that is responsive to an aging society. Members meet twice a year and work as a closely-knit group committed to improving their personal skills and fostering their spiritual growth while addressing the need for a major paradigm shift that will revolutionize marketing and business practice. Membership in The Society is by invitation only.

Sadly, our mentor and friend, David B. Wolfe lost his battle with cancer on December 3, 2011. In reflecting on the Society, co-founder Ambrosius stated, "We were kindred spirits preaching a message that no one was particularly interested in hearing. We chose to stand by principles rather than making money telling nonprofits and businesses what they wanted to hear. Had organizations followed David's vision and direction 20 years ago, we could have avoided many of today’s challenges. He was an intellectual without a PhD; a visionary without academic credentials, and a leader with a dedicated following that will continue to grow in the decades ahead. He gave us a vision of what an ageless society might look like and how easy it is to achieve it if only we could check our egos at the door and embrace life."

For more information about the society's rules, history, and mission, visit our What is the Society? section.

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